Media facade

The term of Media façade has been using more and more in today world, it’s not only a stylistic feature anymore but an icon for the architecture itself. From the flashing illuminated advertising, media façade is on the way of conversion and turned into a vast advertising medium, basically for sending messages. But the term of media façade is getting further nowadays with more profound purpose rather than advertising medium.


Photography courtesy of: extremediaLED; The Galleria (left to right)

Architainment media façade

Imagine any glimpse of moment from human can create a different effect on media façade. Technically speaking, any impulses from the surrounding are transmitted into computer-aid graphic, thanks to the sensors. Hence, the content of the media façade is driven by the visitors! Interactive media façade was a work of lighting designers, architects, engineers, mathematicians and programmer. Once the night comes, the building is literally alive, the light show becomes the main attraction. Media façade in general can evoke the diverse emotions, message can impactful delivered, building can be distinct from city light pollution. All of those elements well-combined together into a new wave of lighting design art form – Architainment media façade. Briefly, Architainment is still sharing the same purpose with media façade – sending information but with more subtle way. Architainment façade is more similar to art installation, making the building iconic. As you can imagine the sharp line between media façade becomes blury, thanks to technology and lighting designers.

Our concept

SLA Designers has developed an interesting architainment façade concept for a building located in Ho Chi Minh city. Based on the architecture philosophy of the building, a contemporary Japanese concept, we generated many form, shape, pattern for the façade lighting layout which inspired by east-asian daily object and design language.

Our final of pattern was a resemblance of the peacock feather and Japanese paper lamp at the same time. It was a continuously flowing pattern along three faces of the building. With this symmetry shape design we had a lot more to propose. Beside acting as a media façade for advertising medium, we wanted to push more.

By installing sensors at the main lobby to detect any vibration in frequency of sound, any talking, chit chating, basicly noises would beautifully visualized via our lighting façade design. Eventually the façade would featured a colorful sound wave, anyone who appeared at the surrounding would feel the liveliness inside the building. That enhance the lighting design more profound and poetic. In addition, by implementing volume light on the rooftop which can create more connection between rooftop light and façade lighting.

Project: Sonatus Building
Location: Ho Chi Minh City
Status: Concept

Video animation