Self-autonomous Architecture

This tower is the support of an autonomous computerized system, called Artificial Intelligence; the system includes his own Local Data Centre. The AI-tower catches the information from citizens connected to it, and analysis them, with an in progress improvement. The city data converge to tower and the tower share the analysed information, so the AI Tower learns from the citizens and can interact with them though algorithms. The AI Tower is then a centre point for city data and community connection around the city. The Tower welcome all human activities link to digital process and research about the city, such as sustainable survey and resilience, circulation management and transportation optimization, lighting control and adaptation. More than the actual ‘’smart’’ system, the AI Tower is also accessible to the citizens and can interact directly with them through specific application. And this digital activity is for the first time, embody in an architectural urban symbol in the heart of the city.

Vertical community space

As a response to the lack of public space in the developing cities, we propose to generate a public space through the AI Tower. So the Tower is in fact a huge void that protect some indoor activities. The AI Tower is arranged on a large public and green space, for outdoor event : the base of the Tower become a big open air hall were grow multitude of trees, mixing park area, coffee shops and free space. The upper boxes areas are accessible via a spiral metro transportation, connected to the local network. The tower offers spaces for the community, for event, meetings and also offices, leisure spots, entertainment and so on. The space planning is proposed and managed by are the AI-tower, all the rooms positions are controlled by a mechanical system that allowed an infinity of space arrangement. The AI Tower adapt its space and program to the citizens’ activity.

Interaction & Evolution

The AI Tower is a new member of the city, part of the living of each citizens living there. It’s why the AI Tower interact through digital data, but also physically, making the data generation and network connection physical and visible. Inside the tower, spaces are movable and transformable in order to be optimized due to its daily knowledge with the citizen’s interaction. Outdoor the skin is an interactive system that provide lighting and information through a complex net of lighting fixtures.