Multi symbolisms is the key to create an iconic landmark, opened to undefined forms of interpretation, to anyone, from his own life experience, culture and knowledge.
          We took the chance to be involved in this competition for the Singapore’s founder’s memorial, because the program and the goals of such a project are actually very representative of what SLA designers tend to demonstrate, how architecture boost by scenography and light generate this particular aspects that require a new generation of ‘’iconic landmark’’. Our proposal starts from the tears of Lee Kuan Yew, broadcasted on the national TV in, 1965:  the tears of anguish. From this embryonic storyline, we connect the water element, and choose to balance with the world famous garden by the bay located in front of the project site, as a complementary element: a celebration of water. The symbol of a memorial is also balance between the memory of the past and the hope of the future, which are represented by the two branches of our proposal, the encounter forms a window: a view on the present. The architecture of this equipment is mostly concealed in the underground to minimize the impact of hermetic blocks in the landscape. The outdoor structure is an organic and flexible structure that could evolve in time be used in different ways for celebrations and events: a living icon.