Ha Long Ocean Park
Lighting Design

          The lighting design projects for these two theme parks consists in a complete review and readapting of the lighting atmosphere and the creation of several ‘’wow ‘‘effects that will boost the guest experience by night.
The lighting for the water park is a journey through the deep sea after the typhoon. Starting from a theatrical entrance enhance by dynamic gobo effects, the guests is immerse in a blue coloured lighting, animated by colourful infrastructures and decor. We apply also some special lighting effects, using UV and fibre optic technologies. The security is also a constraints to consider, so the general lighting luminosity is controlled to reach the requirements in the attractions zones and the pool areas.
The dragon park lighting is design through the concept of the time and space travel. Similar to the water park, the experience start from the entrance zone with an immersion in a galaxy in movement. The journey in the park is punctuated by the crossing of the dragon travel gates, as a break in the theme environment. The rollercoaster is fully lit in red tones, and fit out with high power laser. To improve the environment changes, we also design a different general lighting decorative luminaires with a strong style identity for each zones.