Project management


Grand Ho Tram Strip Amphitheater
Phuoc Thuan, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria Vung Tau, Vietnam
HO TRAM, Project Company LTD.
Concept K, Show lighting designer
Architectural Design + Theater Design
Conceptual Design
June-August 2018


The Grand Hot Tram Strip Amphitheater is located on the south coast of Vietnam, as a key element of a famous resort, and linked to an entertainment zone gathering a Casino, a water park and other leisure activities. The main request from our client was that this new architecture should be sensed as a landmark on the site, easily recognable with its strong identity.

Our first feeling was to design a performance space which in fact doesn’t look like a stadium or a heavy grand stand. We choose to develop an architecture in reference to the magnificent tropical garden where it is located, so we designed a tropical theater, as a part of the landscape. From this main idea we developed a complete vocabulary of architectural element in reference to this environment of flowers, with the main element as the roof which is a tensile membrane roof who looks like giant tropical flowers, intricate with real palm trees and others tropical essence growing on the facades.

The result is a spectacular architecture, able to generate emotion and magical experience for the audience from the first approach till the show time. The venue turns also to a new experience by night, with a stunning dynamic lighting installation.


The Grand Ho Tram Strip Amphitheater will be a unique full covered performance space in Vietnam, covering a maximum of 3 200 spectators, including 2 035 seats and a pit area for standing audience. As a part of the theatre design, we focus also a lot on the front of house area, offering a place for pre-show time and community space. From there the audience is invited to access the auditorium zone by using different level of access in order to smoothing the flux and avoid crowd sensation.

From a performance space point of view, the place is designed to offer the most flexibility as possible, in order to optimize the installation for a large range of shows and event types, making this amphitheater a good tool for daily event and performance.