Cabaret Hoi An is a 124 seat performing arts venue following cabaret style – a famous theater style in the Europe where audiences can enjoy fine dining and watch shows at the same time and this is the first to come to Vietnam.

Since the theater is based in Hoi An, its design is heavily inspired by the beautiful culture of the ancient city, especially with the lighting decor.

First, all light boxes are made of cloth, which a very famous feature of Hoi An. These cloth lanterns are also combined to form a big chandelier in the middle of the theater. Besides, the walls are filled with murals of Hoi An life, setting up the main theme for the Cabaret and giving a cozy feeling to the environment as well.

As we care about the audiences, we focus on designs that ensure to bring them the most fantastical experience. Therefore, the stage lighting system is retouched carefully so that audiences can enjoy the most professional performance.