SLA Designers have been facing many issues about bespoke decorative lighting that do not satisfy the interior designers’ expectations, the budget of the investors, or the lighting standard requirements.

Our analysis of this situation is that the technical development is being placed under the responsibility of the suppliers based on a concept provided by the interior designer, usually a 3D render with general dimensions and main materials. While as lighting designers, our task only consists of the light bulb specification, which is obviously a weak process because we are responsible of the lighting design but not in charge of elaborating and advising to improve the design and technology of the decorative lamps.

Creating a bespoke lamp requires specific skills combining aesthetic, lighting and engineering approach, but the process to achieve a qualitative product and proper lighting effect is misunderstood and underestimated by our collaborators and clients. It is why we advocate so as to be involved in the product development for providing proper detail documents to the manufacturers and delivering a professional product that will fit the design, the light and safety regulations. We look forward to seeing the trends to pass the bespoke lighting design mission to a lighting expert becoming more popular and being considered essential.

Here are the main aspects that we consider for our bespoke lamp product studies:

  • Aesthetic and Design Accuracy
  • Light Source Technology
  • Safety and Responsibility
  • Ergonomic and Maintenance

Image 1: SLA’s bespoke design for a decorative table lamp in our lighting series called Chapeau


Bespoke lamps should match with the concept in terms of aesthetic and lighting effect in order to illustrate the storytelling of the whole project, which is very important. This way of approach is only successful when the bespoke lighting designers work closely with the project designers and the client so as to understand and exchange ideas, give advices on materials used, or follow up the affordable budget for producing the lamps, this task is crucial and needs to be missioned to a professional lighting designer.


Light technology evolves a lot since the light bulb, even LED bulb, and we now have multiple options to integrated customized light source for decorative lamps, particularly accurate for hotels. For lighting designers, we always think of the optimal experience for the users and bring the delicate value for the projects. Decorative lighting is always an impression whether it is a huge glass pendant light in the hotel lobby or a bed-side table lamp, when it is a decorative object, it catches attention. The technology used for the bespoke lamp cannot be underestimated because the lighting effect itself contributes directly to the common scenes of the environment. The lighting effect from every decorative or functional light needs to be able to expose its own function and also merge together.

Image 2: Decorative and task lighting are synchronized with different scenarios for the optimazation of guest experience


We aware that industrial design for lighting products requires high knowledge about materials performance with electricity, heat and light. It comes to a serious safety engagement for tailor-made lamps in operation for hotels and resorts guestrooms. Accident consequences involve origin and quality certificate inspection, but who would take the responsibility? Would it be the developer, the interior designer, the hotel operator or the contractor? We should start thinking about this safety and responsibility for the advantage and the welfare of everyone involved.


A decorative lamp has to tolerate high manipulation from the users and for the maintenance. This aspect of the product is an important section for hotels because it can be an issue to fix the lamp every month or even week because it has not been designed for high demanding environment. Lighting designers are awared of this aspect and take into account these constraints of manipulation by the users and the durability target.

Image 3: SLA’s sketch for the bespoke pendant lamp of Chapeau lighting serries

At SLA Studio, besides architectural lighting design service, we also offer lighting design for bespoke lighting with various fields including Hospitality, F&B and Nightlife, Park and Urban, and Entertainment. Whatever we do, we aim to contribute our knowledge, our creativity and build up the true value for our clients’ projects.



  • SLA’s Chapeau bespoke decorative lighting serries
  • M Gallery Hotel, Vietnam

Writer: Cyril Lamy, Creative Director