This public park project has a fairly large area of more than 1.2 hectares, located in a very beautiful location along the coastline and equally sensitive, where creatures and plants live here. The artificial lighting at night from the project is one of the factors affecting wildlife here and needs special attention.

As in Vietnam, The concept of light pollution is still very new and based on our experiences after nearly 5 years working here, the common demands for lighting are: how to get the night looks like a day or how I can look brighter than the neighbors. LED suppliers and design are upfront to please these types of requests in a dangerous no-end rising of brightness.

We have put a lot of emphasis on light pollution and the conservation of the night sky, and with our efforts to persuade customers for many months, we have succeeded to convince them for respectful lighting that preserves the night sky, while satisfying the desire of appealing with a dynamic lighting fountain.

About the detail of the project technical: The landscape lighting system is done only by recessed narrow beams light sources that give a very graphic pattern following the landscape design and avoiding light sprayed and glare. For the trees, we designed two different systems according to the species and their future growth. And as a new landmark for the city, we designed a dynamic fountain that has different functions: decor, playground, and entertaining, integrating dynamic lighting jets and music.

Mui Tan is not only a successfully done project but also a case study for the Vietnamese Government and other investors to observe and pay awareness on the environment. We are using this project as a reference to communicate to the public about a proper nightscape and to slowly contribute to the recognition process of lighting pollution.