Ninh Binh is located 90 km south of Hanoi and is considered as a “North Vietnam Miniature”. This land is favorable to nature, gathering three types of terrains: hills and semi mountainous, coastal plain, sunken region. As a result, the province has abundant and diversified natural conditions, a good habitat for animals and plants, and there are many kinds of rare animals and plants listed in the Red Book of Vietnam gender.

The land of Ninh Binh is surrounded by the limestone mountains as the message, majestic as the wall of solid, so this place was chosen as the capital of Vietnam under the three dynasties King Dinh – Le – Ly, from. 968 to 1010.
The location of the project is not far from the Tam Coc – Bich Dong scenic area, which is considered as a “Ha Long bay on land”.

Pictures of rivers bending between green limestone mountains, rice fields with nine yellow rice, occasionally on it. the white heron, the child walks in the rice field, the child stands on the cliffs, children take off to fly high, Create a peaceful and rustic picture, keep the foot tourists stay and back. In your opinion, this is the right place where artists and hobbyists can spend some days developing their creativity in any focus area: write a book, carry out a dance workshop, a music program, paint, sculpt or simply meditate

Yes! it’s here,
a unique site
on the world 

It is not only a place for the artists, we also want to be a place for cultural exchanges, where the show talks about topics that are very close to the village life. And the performers are non other than the indigenous people. That is why we have added a small theater space, in addition to the space required of the competition.

The theater would be the place where artists meet together to bring ideas, creativity, and performances of folk art as well as bringing the culture of Vietnam to the world



The language of the proposed architecture is also very simple, inspired by the surroundings: like pictures of the villages at the foot of the mountains.

Materials can be found locally: earthen walls, wooden walls, thatched roofs, tiled roofs.