Once upon a time, in the Pinocchio village name Collodi, an extraordinary paper factory where the fairy-tale books were printed by a unique machine. This incredible machine can memorize all the words, sentences, and images of all the stories around the world. And each time this machine prints the “Pinocchio’s adventures”. The factory workers had the feeling that the machine had become more and more “alive”. One Morning, the workers discovered that the machine metamorphosed as a giant cricket. And then, happened what should happen with a cricket, it jumped out of the factory through the roof.

After that event, the factory closed and the machine stayed in the garden. But one day, the children of the village discovered an elevator inside the cricket, with the inscription “Alice’s elevator” which only having one way up button. Of course, the children were very curios to go inside finding out what this cricket kept in secret. What a surprise when the doors of the lift opened, the children discovered a magical and a huge new world that full of colors and stories. Since this day, the cricket became the unique place in the world for children who love fairy tales and wanted to be a part of it.