Architectural Lighting

This discipline focuses on the creation of atmospheres and architectural integration, through the perfect combination of function, enhancement, comfort, performance, and maintenance. Architectural lighting covers all indoor and outdoor areas with an “architectural luminaires” application, extended to a decorative lamp and bespoke integration for the interior, facade, and landscape.

In this field of lighting application, ScenoLight Atelier has a strong experience in hospitality, food & beverage, and large-scale urban and natural projects, for which we apply our scenographer thinking to generate dramatic feelings, bespoken lit effects, integrated illuminations, and scenes programming, aside our practice of lighting regulations and operator’s guidelines. Our services also include a series of meticulous technical studies such as integration details, illumination calculation, healthcare impact, and control ergonomic.  

Interior lighting | Light is a key element to value the overall quality of all interior spaces firstly, and a way to generate specific moods and atmospheres to enhance the storytelling and guest’s experience. 

Façade lighting | Either for a soft facade enhancement to a dynamic installation, this field of lighting involves specific attention to the choice of luminaires, control system, and installation details to insure durability and operation.

Landscape lighting | From a deep understanding of the hard and soft scape, we imagine nighttime signatures, atmospheres, and attractive lighting.

Bespoke lamp | Bespoke light products are a must-do for unique projects and master-lit effects matching the overall design. Our team of industrial designers is the most experiment designers to imagine such tailor-made lighting product design.