Experience lighting

ScenoLight Atelier created an exclusive category of services for this new era in the lighting design application that gathers artistic ideas and bespoken technics: the encounter between lighting and scenography, as the art to tells stories to guests and audience, with particular attention to sensation and imagination. 

Experience lighting is highly applicable for indoor and outdoor spaces, and spectacular, entertainment, or high attractiveness are the key aspects of the project, such as theme parks, exhibitions, nightlife leisure, and art lighting. For this, we have the experience of manipulating so-called “architainment” fixtures, as a mix between architectural and entertainment lighting technologies, and we are experts at exploring new and inspiring possibilities to generate stunning effects with light, completing with video, sound, water effects, and any other bespoken effects according to the type of experience:

  • Theming environment |Lighting effects with attention to mood and programming.
  • Art lighting and set design | Sculptural objects with light.
  • Entertainment lighting | Lighting effects with dynamic and movement.
  • Multimedia installation | Light combined with video and other media effects following a timeline.
  • Immersive experience | Complete media installation control by sensors and interactive interface.

In this field, ScenoLight Atelier often collaborates with theming designers, marketing agencies, and artists, and offers various missions depending on the project’s type, complexity, and client requirement, from design consulting to a turnkey solution with our integrator’s partners. Contact us to define your needs.