As Creative Lighting Designer I would like to clarify some definitions of the various actors in the lighting industry, which owners, architects, landscape and interior designers should know for dealing their projects. This comes also from my experience working in Asia where there are still misunderstandings about the designer mission, and some blur self-positioning of certain actors in this industry.

But finally the best option to get a valuable lighting comes from the gathering of all these actors working together in a collaborative way.

Creative lighting designers

  • For creative lighting designer the starting point is the project design, a complex creative process considering all aspects of light: space, physical, psychic, physiologic, engineering and regulations.
  • Second steps is the technical development, including light calculations, implementation layouts, integration details and finally the choice of the light fixtures within the budget.
  • Third step is the assistance in the choice of the proper supplier – contractors and the installation follow-up till the completion.

So obviously Creative Lighting Designers don’t supply products but offer customized design services that they operate in close collaboration with the others designer consultants.

Lighting manufacturers / Lighting distributors

The starting point are the products and their possible applications. For creative lighting designer, a close collaboration with manufacturers and their distributors can be a key for some specific projects where bespoke luminaires has to be developed, and in general to keep a permanent update on the new products and get the best choice for our clients.

Manufacturers and distributors generally gives lighting solution services. This are strictly technical studies to implement exclusively their products, advice on the best design option and quantity is then not the point. This where it make a huge difference with lighting design.

MEP engineers, Fitter and Electrical contractors

Creative lighting designer collaborate closely with engineers consultant when it comes to the electrical diagrams and control system. Engineers also know how to calculate light distribution but only in 2D for general lighting in basic areas.

Then the contractors have the final responsibility of the shop drawings and coordination on site, still under the supervision of the Creative Lighting Designer till the final set up.

Cyril Lamy / Founder & Creative Director of SLA designers /