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Welcome to ScenoLight Atelier, where we blend the boundaries between lighting artistry and engineering excellence to redefine your environment. Specialist in bespoke lighting solutions, we pride ourselves in transforming spaces—be it urban landscapes, interiors, or nightscapes—into mesmerizing works of art. Our tailor-made lighting designs not only illuminate but elevate, ensuring each project we undertake is as unique as our clients’. From scenographic illumination to innovative urban lighting designs, our expertise is unparalleled, offering an unmatched level of craftsmanship and creativity. 


Our Approach

Master the Powers of Light is an original know-how of lighting design imagined by ScenoLight Atelier to master the manipulation of the light through Emotion, Comfort, Matter, Space and Technology. 

We Are

Awarded Lighting Designers
15 years of independant practice

Unique approach of guest’s experience

Expert for integration’s detail and bespoke

Awards, Publications & Articles

We Care

Holistic Process
Focus on coordination for high-end project

Boost Nighttime Activities
Attractive and memorable venues

Optimize investment
Fit-for-purpose and durable schemes

They trust us