Decorative light design


Design and consult performance spaces such as theatres, opera houses, and tea rooms to enhance performances with a combination of light…


ScenoLight Atelier

is an independent and awarded design studio offering a unique fusion of Lighting &

Scenography design with exclusive creative and technical services to

metamorphosing dark environments into memorable and storytelling experiences.


Scenography | Art of telling stories with space, time, and movement.

Lighting | Scientific interaction of light and space

Atelier | Bespoke art craft service

Featured Works

Dien Hong Park

ScenoLight Atlier had the opportunity to work on a unique project in the heart of Hanoi – a public park that required not only improved

Sapa Rock N Ritual

Sapa Rock N Ritual is a theater project located on the Ham Rong mountain, in the northern region of Vietnam called Sapa, famous for its groundbreaking step rice field landscapes.