Capture emotion and stories with luminous choreography, scenographic lighting with unique design have the ability to bend the environment..


The constituted harmony between art and science, especially in architecture and lighting design. The architectural lighting is…


Design and consult performance spaces such as theatres, opera houses, and tea rooms to enhance performances with a combination of light…

ScenoLight Atelier

is an independent and awarded design studio offering a unique fusion of Lighting & Scenography design with exclusive creative and technical services to metamorphosing dark environments into memorable and storytelling experiences.


Scenography | Art of telling stories with space, time, and movement.

Lighting | Scientific interaction of light and space

Atelier | Bespoke art craft service

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  • Collaboration
  • Press and Awards


ScénoLight Atelier has Illuminate Bangkok’s ARCHITECT EXPO 23!

ScénoLight Atelier made a big impact at the recent Architect 23 event in Bangkok, Thailand. Our co-founder Cyril, along with SLA BKK Director Mr. Gap, lighting designer Ms. Pute, and account manager Ms. Valerie welcomed hundreds of visitors to our booth to exchange ideas and discuss how we empower architectural projects with light. At ScénoLight, […]

Sapa Rock N Ritual – A unique Theater in the middle of Vietnam Northern forest

Sapa Rock N Ritual is a theater project located on the Ham Rong mountain, in the northern region of Vietnam called Sapa, famous for its groundbreaking step rice field landscapes. ScenoLight Atelier and its team of architects, scenographers, landscape and lighting designers, in collaboration with the show director and his artistic and technical team, has […]
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