We offer a fantastic and remarkable experience.
At SLA, we have our own perspective of doing Architecture.
By passionately mixing Architecture with Entertainment’s unique elements: Scenography and Lighting design.
The edge of the relationship between Architecture
and any Entertainment forms gradually becomes thinner
That why, we proudly call ourselves – Architainers


Generations of generations, the human look up to the sky, wonder what is the meaning of it,
what the sky wanted to tell us. The sky brought fracture of time and immortal story beneath it.
As the blazing speed of technology movement, cause the gap between human and the above and beyond much more closer.
With Scenography, SLA can casts the magical of sky into any forms.
With Lighting, SLA can turns architecture to be a star of their own.
With Architecture, SLA can make people touch the sky.
We are the story teller of fairytale, and the builder of real world

Show is the beating heart of the theater
Artists, musicians and performers are permanently in the mind
of the theater designer, as the theater is also their house. The
designer knows or understand about the specific requests
and needs ofartists and show technicians, everything is done
to support the performance the most effectively possible.

Big Scale & Urban
  • Theme park
  • Entertainment area
  • Tourism & leisure
  • Urban project
  • LandscapeMuseum & Exhibition
Theater & Stage
  • Auditorium
  • Congress center
  • Dance studio
  • Stadium and arena
  • Theatre – Opera
  • Movie theatre
Museum & Exhibition
  • Permanent exhibition
  • Temporary exhibition
  • Pavilion & Showroom
  • Heritage site experience
  • Museum & Gallery
  • Performing architecture + 
  • Visitor’s experience – Immersivity +
  • Connect the audience with the show +
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Light is
a landmark
Lighting is a part of the concept in our architectural and theater designs.
For entertainment and cultural places, light brings emotions,
feelings, and a unique character to the site .

For interior, SLA is theperfect lighting designer concerning exhibition,
show rooms and any projects requesting a special
ambient lighting and customized fixtures.
SLA designers is associate with Concept K for show lighting
design. Concept K lighted the major events and permanents
show in Europe and Asia for 25 years.

SLA combining scenography
and lighting offer a new point of view on lighting design, by
creating scenario and stories with light.
We are architects speciliazed in lighting design,so our projects are always
a perfect association between the architecural expression and the light.

The origin of
our expertises
Architecture is the spine of
SLA designers

Our experience in project development establishes a strong knowledge in design, construction, and mission process.

For any project, we care about the preliminary data, and their overall consistency :

Site, budget, programming, timing and client expectations. In connection to scenography and lighting, SLA operates mainly architectural projects for both, building and interior design.





Cyril Lamy
Architect & Scenographer
SLA Designers Vietnam Creative Director
Sébastien Sang Nguyen
MBA & Project Manager
CEO of Asean Branch
Van Tung Huynh
Architect & Urbanist
Studio director Vietnam
Frederic Fayard
Lighting artist - Concept K
SLA Designers France
Marc Sauvion
Lighting Designer
SLA Designers Vietnam


Ngoc Thanh Pham
Hue Anh Nguyen
Dinh Kien Tran
Nhu Tho Nguyen
Nhat Thao Thieu
Hong Diep Ngo
Blasco Jejemy
My Hanh Pham
Linh Vu Le
Phuong Anh Nguyen
My Nguyen Trang

Vi Hao Thang
Huu Ngoc Nguyen
Thuy Trang Le
Minh Thu Phan
Quang Duc Nguyen
Anh Vu Bui
Bao Phuc Nguyen
Thai Manh Dang
Ngoc Trang Nguyen
Hong Diem Le

George Tellos
Nicolas Galloux
Stephene Courtillot
Joffrey Bonifay
Theo Broche Cannone









SLA is a company native from France and represented in Europe and South-East Asia. Gathering three departments of expertise: Scenography, Lighting and Architecture. We combine design and installation missions for entertainment, tourism and cultural operations. With a global approach and significant point of view to create remarkable venues.

SLA proposes some exclusive services, from the preliminary programming, for theater design, art lighting installation, exhibition design, to any specific projects involving live performance and customized visual installation.

SLA – It’s a permanent multicultural team about 30 people of passionate creatives and technicians, split between our permanent studios in Paris and Ho Chi Minh City, which allow us to follow closely our projects and clients in Europe and South-East Asia.