- Our Story

SLA designers is a creative lighting design agency for architectural and
landscape, with tailored expertise for entertainment and cultural projects. The
studio based in Vietnam, is leaded by a French team which gathers lighting
designers and engineers from background of interior design, architecture and
theatre, and is pioneer in this region for specific projects requiring art lighting
and theater design services.
This is the story behind SLA, at the crossroads of
Scenography, Lighting and Architecture
From our passion in performance art, we have a narrative approach of light that
generates sensations and emotions. Combined with our detailed technical
studies for ambient and comfort atmospheres, our team have experience to
work on a various ranges and scales of projects in hospitality, F&B,
entertainment and leisure industries.
Our lighting design improves the project's value
While bringing memorable experiences.

- Meet The Leader

Sébastien Sang Nguyen
MBA & Project Manager
CEO of Asean Branch
Cyril Lamy
Architect & Scenographer
Creative director
Van Tung Huynh
Lighting Designer - Architect
Studio Director

- Exclusive Partner

ACTLD website
Koert Vermeulen
ACTLD Principal Designer
& Managing Partner
Andrea Mantello
ACTLD Principal Designer
& Architect - Partner

- Our Talents