SCÉNOLiGHT ATELIER is an independent and awarded design studio offering a uniquefusion of Lighting & Scenography and exclusive creative and technical services to metamorphosing Dark Environment into Memorable Experiences.

Scenography | Art of telling stories with space, time, and movement
Lighting | Scientific interaction of light and space
Atelier | Bespoke art craft service

Our studio gathers a multidisciplinary team from France and Asia with surprising imagination and a whole spectrum of technical expertise to manipulate light, space, and objects. We are fully dedicated to supporting brands that thrive in the world by crafting captivating experiences and mesmerizing stories for Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Urban & Natural Landscapes, Leisure & Entertainment, Exhibition & Theater. Our services are often combined with other international designers’ teams of architects, landscape and interior designers, theme park designers or urban planners, with whom we love to collaborate holistically to enhance their designs with extra values of comfort, sensation and aesthetic.
We usually takes the lead for a direct involvement close to the client, the developer, or the production team when lighting effects is the key aspect of the project, or for performance and exhibition spaces, where our specific services such as theater design, set design, or tailor-made fixtures and effects designs are required by the project.

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Meet the team

Our international team of Lighting Designers, Architects, Theater and Stage Designers, Interior Designers, Video Artists and Lighting Engineers are united in their passion for turning creativity into tangible realities. A multilingual and multicultural workforce ensures that no matter what our clients speak and dream – French, English Vietnamese or Thai – we have a professional who can help you make your vision come alive!

Cyril Lamy


Cyril Lamy is an architect and scenographer with a passion for light. His designs are known for their combination of space, light, and story, intended to create unique cultural experiences for visitors and audiences. To date, Cyril has designed hundreds of projects in Europe and Asia where are implemented his studios of Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok. His designs have won him international acclaim, with several trophies, publications and contributions as a speaker. In this time, he has also gained a strong belief in the importance of durability practices in design and arts, based on his fundamental values of Integrity, Diversity and Sustainability.


∙ OISTAT, International Organization of Scenographers Theater Architects and Technicians.
∙ Best French oversea entrepreneur in “Culture”, selection 2021
∙ Theatre Art Life, global platform for the live entertainment and theatre industry, official member

Nguyen Ngoc Sang
Co-Founder and CEO
Bui Hoang Anh Vu
Operation Director
Oukrit Thubtong
BKK Studio Director
Naruenapang Smith
Lighting Designer
Le Tran Lam Truong
Lighting Technical
Luong Thi Hoai Thu
Lighting Designer