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SCÉNOLiGHT ATELIER offers a unique lighting design service dedicated to transforming dark environments into a singular and memorable luminous experience.

With a forte in curating tailor-made projects, ScenoLight Atelier harmoniously blends Scenography, Urban and Architectural savvy in an innovative way that ensures each project is not just visually striking but also celebrates the intimate relationship between art and engineering, with our crafted bespoke lights design.

We are also involved in Nightscape design research, creating subtle lighting schemes that capture the essence of darkness while preserving the natural allure of the night. Our Scenography approach sets us apart, offering a dramatic narrative to the way light interacts with spaces, adding depth, emotion, and storytelling elements to architectural and urban landscapes.

Established in 2014 by Cyril Lamy, French Architect & Scenographer, our award-winning practice is headquartered in the vibrant cities of Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, operating in the fields of tourism, entertainment, large urban and natural landscape in outstanding venues and sites.

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Bangkok | Thailand

Ho Chi Minh City | Vietnam


For 25 years, Cyril Lamy has been embracing an international design practice spanning across Europe and Asia as a Creative Director, skilled Architect, and Scenographer.

He is the founder and head of ScenoLight Atelier, where he focuses on crafting lighting designs for dark spaces and nighttime environments. His approach, known as “nightscape design,” integrates both science and art to create visually stunning lighting schemes while preserving the natural beauty of the night.

Cyril also offers consulting services for theater design, utilizing his extensive experience in collaborating with international partners for permanent show theaters, museums, and urban spaces. His designs are renowned for seamlessly integrating space, light, and storytelling to create unique performance spaces that unlock the power of imagination.

Throughout his career, Cyril has successfully completed hundreds of projects and has received widespread recognition through various awards, publications, and speaking engagements around the world.

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