Interior Illumination

Our expertise is highly applicable where high attractiveness are the key aspects of the project, such as Hotel & Resorts, Theme Parks, Exhibitions, Nightlife. For this, we have the experience of manipulating so-called “architainment” fixtures, as a mix between architectural and entertainment lighting technologies, and we are experts at exploring new and inspiring possibilities to generate stunning effects with light, completing with video, sound, water effects, and any other bespoken effects according to the type of experience:

In this field, we often collaborates with architect, interior and theming designers, and we offer various solutions depending on the project’s type, complexity, and client requirement, from design consulting to a turnkey solution with our integrator’s partners.

Bespoke Light

Welcome to our bespoke design services tailored specifically for luminaires and decorative light products. At the crossroads of Industrial Design, Lighting Engineering and Scenography, our team of expert designers is dedicated to crafting original, captivating designs that illuminate spaces with style and sophistication.  Whether you’re seeking modern minimalism, timeless elegance, or avant-garde creativity, we collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life, from a table lamp to high masts for a perfect integration with the interior and landscape design.

From concept development to final production, our meticulous attention to detail ensures that each luminaire or decorative light product is a unique masterpiece, perfectly suited to your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. Let us illuminate your world with innovation and beauty

Decorative light design

Nightscape Design

This innovative approach of Nightscape Design combines both high creative and technical expertise:

• Architecture, urban planning, and landscape are integrated with lighting to ensure a cohesive built environment. The Nightscape designer is skilled in designing not only lighting solutions but also façades, urban furniture, custom luminaires, and understand perfectly the soft and hard scape.

• Lighting Engineering & Bespoke Luminaires, to be able to analysis the needs perfectly to point out the best solution and ultimately guide new solutions more sustainable and providing a better illumination. The Nightscape designer has deep knowledge about Lighting and Control technology, based on his scientific research about health and environmental impacts.

• Art & Culture play a significant role in the integration of light as an artistic expression. Light should transcend mere decoration and become a source of inspiration for citizens, actively contributing to a city’s illumination. The Nightscape designer develops art-driven narratives that establish a new connection between citizens and the nighttime environment, including their interactions with artificial light.