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Light Up the City: Dien Hong Park and Its Innovative Lighting Design Solutions

July 14, 2023
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Lighting design is an essential component of creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in any space. When it comes to designing public spaces such as parks, the lighting plays an even more critical role in creating an environment that encourages people to come and enjoy the surroundings. Recently, our team of lighting designers had the opportunity to work on a unique project in the heart of Hanoi – a public park that required not only improved aesthetics but also a focus on the overall night-time atmosphere and the comfort of the visitors. In this blog post, we will take you through our journey of developing the perfect lighting strategy for this project.

The park in question was situated in the heart of the city and had a beautiful, iconic fountain that the city’s inhabitants adored. Our challenge was to integrate the newly designed lighting elements into the existing urban design while also ensuring that the overall aesthetics and comfort of the park were not disturbed. We started analyzing the site and the architecture’s context, which allowed us to craft a lighting concept that would enhance both the heritage of the site and the new urban design.

Our team put on the ‘theatrical lighting’ hat, focusing on creating a sense of drama and emotion in every area of the park. The iconic fountain was at the heart of this strategy. The fountain’s significance was highlighted by providing an architectural lighting solution that best enhances its aesthetical features and creates a visual stage, inviting visitors to come up close and appreciate it. The sense of theatricality and drama that we created drew visitors into the park and encouraged them to spend more time exploring its unique nighttime atmosphere.

One of our primary objectives was to ensure people’s comfort. Visitors need to feel safe and relaxed in the park’s environment, which is why we designed a lighting system that provides ample light to allow people to see comfortably while also offering an intimate and tranquil atmosphere that invites them to relax, socialize, and engage in different recreational activities within the park after sunset. With that, our lighting design created a balance between functional and comforting lighting that brought the park to life at night.

To integrate the lighting elements seamlessly into the park’s overall design, we collaborated with the park’s architect from DESO Architects. Together, we developed a vision for the park that balanced its historic significance and modern design through the lighting’s use. We also worked closely with landscape designers to ensure that the lighting solutions we proposed were natural-looking and complemented the park’s aesthetic elements such as trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Our project was successful as it delivered a completely new experience for the park’s inhabitants that was unique, beautiful and inviting. The lighting design brought life to the park after dark, enhancing its ambiance and comfort for the visitors. Theatrical lighting added drama and a sense of vibrancy that made the park a destination worth exploring at night. Additionally, the lighting concept harmoniously integrated the new urban design elements into the park’s existing heritage, creating a cohesive and attractive atmosphere that visitors would remember.

The successful implementation of the project demonstrated how critical lighting design is in making public spaces more inviting and comfortable at night. Our team’s approach of implementing a theatrical lighting concept that focused on the overall welfare of visitors and harmoniously integrating it into the park’s existing architectural design proved successful and contributed immensely to the project’s overall success. We believe that every public space should focus on creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere and that it can only be successful with an appropriate lighting strategy. With this project, we hope to inspire other design and development professionals to prioritize delivering high-quality, comfortable, and inviting environments in their projects through the effective integration of lighting solutions.

Project Manager: PRX Vietnam, Paris Region Expertise
Urban Design: DE-SO Asia | Architect
Photography: Giuseppe De Francesco

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