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July 17, 2023

MASTER THE POWERS OF LIGHT is an original method of lighting design imagined by ScenoLight Atelier breaking down our approach into five domains of expertise that guide us to master the light phenomenon and its powers applied to space.

The Powers of Light

We have defined five key powers of light that are always applied in space design, dim up and down to create the perfect balance or overlapping and variable in a space.

FUNCTIONNALITY | The primary power of light is enabling legibility, for our safety in movements also our activities and tasks executions.

ENHANCEMENT | We perceive our environment because there is light, a power applies to emphasis space and transform his appearance.

COMFORT | Light impacts our mood and health, a power to control for adequate atmosphere while insuring our welfare and the environment preservation.

ATTRACTIVITY | Light is the most powerful eye catcher, essential for communication and to be memorable yet iconic.

EXPERIENCE | Light generates emotions and stimulates our imagination, a power used to convey stories and produce spectacular.

For this complex manipulation of the invisible we have created a range of creative and technical design pillars structured to control the light phenomenon and its powers.

The Light Phenomenon Unveiled

Lighting is one of the most fascinating phenomena known to humankind, playing a critical role in how we perceive and experience the world around us. As lighting designers this phenomenon is the backbone of our know-how.

But how this phenomenon exactly happens:

1. First a flux of energy is emitted from a powered system to spray into space, generally quantified at source in lumen.

2. Then the light waves impact matter, whose quantity is expressed in Lux / sqm, the illumination sequence.

3. Finally, these waves are reflected with alteration before being intercepted by our eyes, quantified in Candela this is the luminance sequence that activates our vision.

Major factors play a key role in how we perceive space: the lumen flux properties, the matter characteristics, and our vision abilities, so considering only Lux levels as targets is not sufficient. To truly capture the essence of space, we’ve developed an array of expertise that encompasses every aspect of the light phenomenon, and that guarantees accurate and creative lighting design for a lasting impact.

The Captivating Connection Between Lighting and Emotion

Flame is the origin of artificial light, and the origin of animated shadows, generating new images that stimulate the imagination.

Since then, light is linked to our common culture and emotional memories, as dark represents unknown and fear, light shows us the way and it’s safe.

The scale of human emotion is large and diverse, from a subtle sensation to memorable impression. It requires a sensitive knowledge about the psychological role of light to translate a mood into spatial atmosphere, and a talent for narration to convey stories with light that we manage with our expertise in scenography.

We master a powerful aspect of light to create emotions and develop imaginary, a key role in the sensory aspects of space design and the main one for experiential projects.

Prioritizing Health Through Thoughtful Lighting

The rhythm of sunlight is crucial for the balance of our life and our natural environment, with tempos scheduled on the constant evolution of light directions, color temperature and intensity. However, when this rhythm is disrupted, negative consequences, even extinction, can occur.

Artificial light, when done right, can mimic the benefits of natural light through a circadian rhythm approach, with great applications in the fields of wellness. But light also has invisible wavelengths and can generate light pollution. That’s why it’s essential to design lighting systems carefully, minimizing harmful effects on both our bodies and the environment.

Our expertise in this field encompasses various aspects, including managing color temperature, reducing glare, controlling luminance levels, ensuring high-quality light sources, and implementing effective control systems. We stay abreast of scientific research and technological advancements to strike the perfect balance between human needs and preserving the beauty of the natural night sky – a mesmerizing expression of light that everyone should have the chance to experience.

Reveal the Matter with Light.

Light is intangible and invisible, we “see the light” only through its interaction with matter, where materials, colors and textures interfere to finally reveal the physical space.

Our design approach merge light and matter, and the results are endless to reveal and transform our space perception: Play of colors, mirror effects, textures modeling, patterns projections, etc.

Lighting design mastering is then a lot about materials and color expertise, a combination of scientific knowledge and experimental process that allows us to push the limit of perfection to magnify space and generate wonder with the play of light.

Transforming Space Perception with Light

Our perception of space is shaped by the interplay of light and shadows. By understanding how light interacts with volumes, we have the ability to manipulate our perception of the world around us. To unlock the full potential of this dynamic duo, we’ve developed a three-step process.

First, we carefully sculpt the shadows and shades in a three-dimensional space, considering factors like illumination levels and light direction. Then, we strategically place the light source to achieve the desired effect, considering the unique characteristics of the space. Finally, we explore different approaches to integrating the lighting fixture itself, whether it’s hidden, seamlessly integrated, accentuated as a structural element, or used as an ornamental piece.

Merging light and space requires us to master both the intangible and tangible. Our expertise in architecture and scenography allows us to fully comprehend space and infuse theatrical illuminations effects, while our technical knowledge ensures precise and creative integration of light.

Light & Technology

Ultimately the lighting quality relies widely on the technology involved, that includes the luminaires, the control devices, cabling, and multiple accessories. This package is one of the most advanced technological sets in a project, with a concentration of more than thirty properties, specifications and certifications covering electrical, mechanical, optical, and electronic.

Our expertise in this field requires special scientific knowledge for our lighting engineers to analyze and test the products we apply in our design. Technology evolving constantly, we also keep track of the scientific research and manufacturers updates to understand the market evolution and to bring to our clients a clearer view between what is mostly trendy and what is established and durable.

Mastering lighting technology means for us providing the best solution that will fulfill together the design intents goals, the operational requirements, the maintenance constraints, and the budget

The design Process.

We have established three big sequences that rhythm our design process and involvement in a project.

The conceptual period first, from the context and program analysis till the approval of the strategy, the overall concept, and the budget target, in coordination with the other consultants with whom we link the overall nighttime experience from outdoor to indoor.

Then the technical period elevates the project to details drawings and documentation, in coordination with the electrical engineer to power and control our system, and with the operator and investor regarding the selection of the lighting and control solution. The final documents are formatted as tender documentation.

Finally, we ensure authorship supervision during the construction period, including shop drawings review and site visits at key stages. We also adjust the dimming schedules that will generate the lighting scenes, and we create original programming and media contents.

These three sequences can be divided up to a five phases mission, according to the scale and complexity of the project. We strongly advise involving us from concept till completion to ensure the reach of all project targets, and for the mastering of our art till the project is turn on!

Unlock the Powers of Light and Join us to Unleash Your Space’s Full Potential with ScenoLight Atelier

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