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ScénoLight Atelier has Illuminate Bangkok’s ARCHITECT EXPO 23!

May 17, 2023

ScénoLight Atelier made a big impact at the recent Architect 23 event in Bangkok, Thailand. Our co-founder Cyril, along with SLA BKK
Director Mr. Gap, lighting designer Ms. Pute, and account manager Ms. Valerie welcomed hundreds of visitors to our booth to exchange ideas and discuss how we empower architectural projects with light.

At ScénoLight, we’re passionate about designing lighting systems that can transform spaces into something truly unique. Our creative
director Cyril expressed this sentiment, noting, “light plays an important role in any architectural project.” We’re proud to have showcased our
recent projects and demonstrated our commitment to innovative lighting schemes. By participating in Architect 23, we not only shared our expertise but also learned about exciting new lighting design trends and potential collaborations.

Join us in mastering the powers of light and let ScénoLight Atelier elevate your next project.



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