ScenoLight Atelier – Architectural & Experience Lighting


NIGHTSCAPE DESIGN can be seen as the overall vision that citizens can perceive at nighttime, it includes the street, but also the landscape, the facade and the interior lighting that are visible from the outdoors.

The common approach of lighting for urban areas is still questionable in terms of efficiency, light pollution, impact on human health, cost, maintenance, and more. The overall task of NIGHTSCAPE DESIGN is then challenging in the way it involves prospective thinking in the field of artificial lighting, with outcomes that would certainly involve the development of new technologies and planning of its future evolution.

This innovative approach combines both creative and technical expertise:

• Architecture, urban planning, and landscape are integrated with lighting to ensure a cohesive built environment. The Nightscape designer is skilled in designing not only lighting solutions but also façades, urban furniture, custom luminaires, and understand perfectly the soft and hard scape.
• Lighting Engineering & Bespoke Luminaires, to be able to analysis the needs perfectly to point out the best solution and ultimately guide new solutions more sustainable and providing a better illumination. The Nightscape designer has deep knowledge about Lighting and Control technology, based on his scientific research about health and environmental impacts.
• Art & Culture play a significant role in the integration of light as an artistic expression. Light should transcend mere decoration and become a source of inspiration for citizens, actively contributing to a city’s illumination. The Nightscape designer develops art-driven narratives that establish a new connection between citizens and the nighttime environment, including their interactions with artificial light.


Our mission can include planning phase, full scope of services or be proposed as a turnkey solution according to the project status, scale, and complexity. In terms of responsibilities our mission can be part of the main designer’s mission as co-contract, or as independent consulting mission.
Planning and feasibility
Strategic planning in terms of budget and design goal for an adequate and realistic final design.
Conceptual Design
First design outcomes that fix the project direction: lighting visuals, technical data, and budget range.
Development Design
The concept is translated into technical reality and coordinated with other parties.
Construction Detail
All drawings and technical documentations are finalized and completed to be built.
Tender documentation
Set of documents to be shared for bidding, include outcome analysis and adjustments.
Construction administration
Authorship supervision and installation assistance till commissioning.
In situ testing, arrangement, and positioning.
Content & programming
Video and programming production for dynamic lighting and media.
Mockup and prototyping
Shop drawings, technical research and quality control.


Autocad Revit Sketchup
Dialux Rhino GrassHopper.
C4D Photoshop After Effects.