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The location for this project was chosen specifically to develop an outdoor permanent show that uses the natural landscape as a background, that is why the theater is located above sea level, facing a unique natural disposition and offering a ground-breaking panorama for the audience.
SLA designed the theater’s architecture as a floating skin that refers to a multitude of references based on the visitors’ perception of either daytime or nighttime. The theater demonstrates itself as a shell on the rock, a part of the dragon’s body, the sails of a traditional boat, and so on…

Ha Long, Vietnam
Time frames

Another significant challenge of this project is the tensile membrane roof. It was designed with parametric software to take into account a wide range of data constraints, including wind, rain, important span, theater equipment load, sight lines, and, of course, aesthetics.

One of the main constraints for this project is audience circulation and security; with two shows per day, the total audience on site can reach 2 600 people seated, plus another 2 600 waiting for the next show. Because of the theater’s elevated location above the sea, special attention was required to crowd safety and audience flux. We solved the problem with a double bridge system that allows for smooth in-and-out circulation.

SLA designers collaborated closely with the show director and the theater technicians’ team to develop this project. Given the show’s scale and the plethora of constraints imposed by this one-of-a-kind water show above the sea, SLA designers were ordered to create specific and detailed architectural programming suited to the security and show requests. This project was created in response to the contents of the show and included a plethora of specific installations and equipment to serve the show. The stage is a pool with the same water volume as an Olympic swimming pool, allowing for multiple effects and performance types. A massive décor lift and real-size boat sails are also used as video projection supports. The backstage has been meticulously studied in order to accommodate the show’s demands: 200 performers, 150 technicians and show supports, real boats on stage, aerial performance, and so on.



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Cyril Lamy, our Creative Director, was invited to a meaningful seminar with the participation of the domestic and international Design Community in the VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2022, organized by the Design Association of Ho Chi Minh City (VDAS). The event took place at the most luxurious venue - HCMC GEM Center with great success. 


The term of Media façade has been using more and more in today world, it's not only a stylistic feature anymore but an icon for the architecture itself.
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