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Sapa Rock N Ritual

Sapa Rock N Ritual is a theater project located on the Ham Rong mountain, in the northern region of Vietnam called Sapa, famous for its groundbreaking step rice field landscapes. SLA designs this theater as a full experience around the four natural elements that created the legend of this magnetic site also known as the dragon head: rock, air, water, and fire.

The experience starts from the journey to reach the auditorium through a natural bamboo forest till the lobby where the audience will finally discover a breathtaking view on the valley. Then the theater is designed as a continuity of the landscape with a 300-seat crescent-shaped audience house and a 10-meter-diameter circular stage.

Our goal is to bring the audience as close to the performance and environment as possible, since the venue is semi open, the audience can feel the climate, wind and being in the clouds, as well as part of the performance. The fire is placed in the middle of the stage and used during the show, also a way to warm the auditorium during the winter.

The theater is made of local wood and steel structure, covered with a tensile membrane, and coated with marble stone from the site that we turn into a curtain string inspired by the fabrics and jewelry of the local communities. By night, the theater becomes a magical cloud floating above the bamboo forest and acts as a landmark for the resort where it is located.


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