Zion Sky Lounge & Dining is a unique project in the Post Apocalypse style with lighting acted as one of the important factors highlighting the architecture and interior.


The successful result we have today is from the good collaboration with the interior designer from the very first stage of the project to understand the concept and also to give appropriate advice on integrating the lighting.


Architectural and artistic lighting combined together with creating a distinctive highlight with our own bespoke designed Dystopian-style chandelier.

First, we design the architectural lighting to ensure that the architectural features are accentuated as well as for safety purposes. Next, we used projectors for water caustic effects and color-changing luminaires to create a magical art space, this application is also convenient to easily modify the atmosphere by changing the light colors.


The focus is on the Dystopian chandelier that is fused with halogen and RGB technology, integrated with the entire lighting system to create a feeling of consistency but no less outstanding.

All photos courtesy of Zion Sky Lounge – HAN Group